A Letter to my Fiancé

I have been meaning to write for so long now….. I really have. I am here now and I still feel blank but it is so important that I write a few lines.

This letter is for your my future fiancé.

How are you today, what was your day like. What have you been up to.

As for me, I am not sure I can sum up what I have been up to today in words. It would be easy to say I had a lazy day, but I didn’t. I stayed home all day but I didn’t get any rest. My thoughts are making me go crazy. So tired of trying to figure out how to manage ‘the things’ that matter. My wonderful job, family and love life.

But its gotten to the point where the quote below sums up my current dilemma……

One of the hardest part of life is deciding whether to walk away or try harder

I will go to bed now. Maybe tomorrow will give me the fresh inspiration I need to write words with meanings.

Have a good night

Pax tecum…..


The gift of Music….

For as long as I could remember, I have admired singers, dancers and actors simply because they have the ability to do stuff that seems to be beyond my capacity, especially the singers.

There are various songs for various purposes. Songs that make you feel better when you are sad or makes you sad or makes one happy or puts one in a very good mood.  For those of us that are introverts and prefer our company most times, music is like a special gift as it helps project feelings that would naturally be suppressed.

Moving on, henceforth I have decided to share my song of the moment. For today it is Tiwa Savage’s Olorun mi. The beauty of the song and its message can’t be explained, its a great song to listen and relive memories of lost ones, moments and so-on.

Anyone interested in listening to the song or watching the video can so through the following links;



I hope you enjoy, I really did and its definitely going to be one of my favorite songs for now :).

pax tecum….

Getting the perfect family


A tribute to my family..

Family has been defined in various ways. It used to be a component made up of a father, mother, their kids and the extended relations of both parents. My definition adds friends that slowly won us over and became part of that pack. We don’t get to pick our family members (except you are adopted), you get born into them. But you get to pick your friends and that’s what makes it so beautiful.

I have friends that have turned sisters and brothers, they have being there for me through thick & thin and they are full of surprises. I bet they have no idea how their actions affect me but I will always, always go on my knees and bless God for them. For you see, he has a grand plan, you may feel ‘like shit to your family‘ but God provides this angels on the side to help keep you on the right track.

This post is a dedication to family, to its immediate members and to the acquired ones, love is best enjoyed when shared. My family, immediate, extended and acquired make me complete, I wouldn’t give them up for any reason. I am most grateful to God for his plans are beyond the physical.

Appreciate what you have because even in the darkest night, there is something to be grateful, I know this and I am glad that I’m on my way to being ok with his designs for me and my Family.