The gift of Music….

For as long as I could remember, I have admired singers, dancers and actors simply because they have the ability to do stuff that seems to be beyond my capacity, especially the singers.

There are various songs for various purposes. Songs that make you feel better when you are sad or makes you sad or makes one happy or puts one in a very good mood.  For those of us that are introverts and prefer our company most times, music is like a special gift as it helps project feelings that would naturally be suppressed.

Moving on, henceforth I have decided to share my song of the moment. For today it is Tiwa Savage’s Olorun mi. The beauty of the song and its message can’t be explained, its a great song to listen and relive memories of lost ones, moments and so-on.

Anyone interested in listening to the song or watching the video can so through the following links;

I hope you enjoy, I really did and its definitely going to be one of my favorite songs for now :).

pax tecum….